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Amber Rae



Called a "real-life Wonder Woman," Amber Rae is author, illustrator, entrepreneur, and speaker who encourages emotional wellness and personal growth.

She is the author of the bestselling book, Choose Wonder Over Worry: Move Beyond Fear and Doubt to Unlock Your Full Potential. Blending raw, personal storytelling with visual exercises and actionable aha! moments, Bustle called it, "the one advice book you should read — even if you don't like self-help." Her illustrations turn complex ideas about the human experiences into bite-size wisdom, and reach more than 1.2MM people per week. Her public art has spread to more than 20 countries, and she has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, NY Mag, TODAY, Inc., SELF, Fast Company, Forbes and Entrepreneur. Fortune called her "a Millennial Motivator" and Mind Body Green called her "The Brené Brown of Wonder."

She speaks frequently about unlocking our true potential, and has collaborated with organizations such as Kate Spade, TED, Ogilvy and WPP. Previously, Amber started a publishing company with Seth Godin and Amazon, and created marketing campaigns for brands like Apple and Dove.

She lives in Brooklyn, NY——and around the world——with her soon-to-be-husband, Farhad.

Alex Williamson


Chief Brand Officer - Bumble|@Williamson

Alexandra Williamson is Bumble’s Chief Brand Officer. She majored in Cinema-Television at SMU, where she discovered her love of content creation. Having a variety of experience with film and production, Alex began managing social media for Bumble in October 2014 and worked her way into her current position with an unwavering passion for the company’s mission and a strong belief in the brand. Williamson helps empower Bumble users and brings Bumble CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe Herd’s innovative ideas to life. Alex communicates this vision with the Bumble community through voice, content, social media, and customer service. Alex was named to Brand Innovators’ “Women to Watch” list for 2018 and has been featured in national news outlets like The New York Times, CNN and Bustle.

Channing Beumer


“Broken girls really do blossom into warriors.” Channing Beumer is the President of Chickspiration, LLC and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, a platform designed to be a voice that elevates, empowers, and serves women in the sneaker/streetwear lifestyle space. She is also ½ of @itsbeanxcream, a collaborative project that brings honest conversation to issues facing women of color. Outside of CNK, Channing is a dog mom, a lover of morning lattes, the occasional Netflix-binge, and bringing women together in a way that inspires and creates meaningful conversation.

Amber Dodzweit

Fitness Expert + Digital Influencer|@amberdodzweit

Amber Dodzweit Riposta is a women's circuit training expert, 13x fitness cover model, All-American Track and Field athlete and X-national champion professional tackle football player. She created BUILT FOR HER (an online women's athletic training club) in 2014 to teach women how to find freedom and a deeper sense of purpose through athletic training and empowerment. Currently residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and married to Holistic Nutritionist Andrew Riposta - Amber creates athletic training content for women from all over the world with the basis that a woman's appearance must always be secondary to her capabilities.

Piersten Gaines


Piersten Gaines is the Founder and CEO of Pressed Roots – a luxury, express, salon experience for women with highly textured hair. While the spark for Pressed Roots came in 2016 during her time as a student at Harvard Business School, her passion for making women feel great about themselves started long before that.

Before launching Pressed Roots or enrolling in HBS, Piersten lived in New York City, and was a fashion retail professional – working for companies such as Calvin Klein, Prada, Gilt Groupe and Bloomingdale’s in roles ranging from Operations to Merchandising and Buying.

Charity Hagains

Therapist and Coach|@noyauwellness

As Co-Founder of Noyau Wellness Center, Charity Hagains is a highly respected, educated, trained, and experienced Senior Therapist and Coach. Charity’s engaging and outgoing personality makes her a preferred therapeutic media consultant and guest speaker. Her specialty areas are anxiety/depression, family/parenting issues, self-image/confidence issues, and ethical leadership. Charity creates a collaborative therapeutic relationship between herself and her clients. This style in combination with her empathic personality and unconditional positive regard for clients, creates a caring, focused and goal oriented atmosphere.

Adele Jackson-Gibson

Trainer + Wellness Expert|@adelejackson26

Adele Jackson-Gibson is a storyteller and fitness coach based in Brooklyn, NY. Her mission in life is to empower women in all aspects of their lives, whether she's teaching them how to squat in the gym, writing and producing stories about inspirational female athletes or exploring the deeper questions in life through her personal essays. Adele is currently a columnist for a black sports and culture site called "The Shadow League". She has previously written for the Players' Tribune, Excelle Sports, SI's the Cauldron, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, BUST Magazine, Jet Magazine and the Yale Alumni Magazine. She's spoken on various panels and podcasts regarding her own personal journey regarding body image, accepting her natural hair and living in Japan. Adele is a Yale grad who played soccer and ran track for their varsity teams and went on to earn her master's in journalism from NYU.

Peyton Mabry

Media Personality + Digital Influencer|@peyton_mabry

Peyton is a media personality, content creator and true DFW local. A recent graduate from Texas Christian University with a B.S. in News and Media, Peyton is well-versed in creating and distributing messages in media and possesses a critical understanding of how to capitalize on the seemingly infinite possibilities that modern communication provides.

Peyton's current endeavors include; social media management, freelance digital hosting for lifestyle and sporting events, public speaking, modeling, blogging and lead content curation for her personal brand.

Utilizing her experience as a world champion athlete and having extensive first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of a team and the lifestyle of an athlete, Peyton finds something special in being the voice on the other side. She openly shares her day to day life + style and aspires to inspire and give back through her personal journey and passions.

Liz Mercer


Liz is the founder and CEO of Sleekform, a line of ergonomic furniture specializing in kneeling chairs. She has been curating and leading fully remote, global teams since 2015 when she and her husband started the tech company Jungle Scout- a suite of apps built to help people who want to sell products on Amazon. Liz’s start in the business world began by working at Target in a variety of management positions. It paid the bills but left a lot to be desired creatively. She realized quickly her interests lied more in working with a small team and being in the trenches of starting a business than working for a big corporation that worked like a well-oiled machine. She helped her husband take a pipe dream he had and turn it not only into reality but to the first app of its kind. As the app took off, the team grew from two to almost one hundred and Liz was on the hunt for her next project. Liz is passionate about innovating the way we work- both by being at the forefront of the remote work movement as well as how we sit when we work. She doesn’t believe in following ‘the rules’ and sticking to the status quo. She believes in constant reinvention, education and pushing personal boundaries as well as the power of being your own boss.

Cassi Oesterling


Cassi Oesterling is the co-founder and CEO of Her.HQ, a female-focused community and experiential workspace in Dallas.

Before founding Her.HQ, she worked in public relations leading strategic communications and influencer relations for several national and global brands, including JCPenney, AT&T and AT&T Mexico.

When not at Her.HQ, you can find her on the Katy Trail with her mini aussies, enjoying a glass of wine at Royal Blue or reading outside.

Cassi believes that self-investment is the most important investment a woman can make.

Lindsay Perez

Financial Expert + Negotiation Coach|@thefinancialgym

Lindsay Perez is a Certified Financial Trainer at The Financial Gym, a personal financial services company that takes a fitness-inspired approach to their clients' finances.

Perez got her start as a researcher for NBC News. But after realizing her true love of finance, turned in her press badge for a job on Wall Street. She spent several years as a financial analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where she focused on wealth management and corporate benefits. She joined the Gym in 2018 in order to help to help empower people to take control of their financial lives and to make financial literacy more accessible for all. In addition to financial training, she is also a salary negotiation coach. Lindsay graduated cum laude from the University of Miami, in her native Miami, FL.

Annie Ray

Personal Finance Blogger|@champagneandcapitalgains

Annie Ray is the Owner of Champagne & Capital Gains, a personal finance blog for young professionals who want to indulge their champagne tastes with a beer budget, optimize their spending, and learn to invest for a financially independent future. Her goal is to eventually run the site as a full-time business.

She launched her blog in 2018 after years of reading other personal finance blogs and watching sites like The Financial Diet take off. She's always believed that her voice and perspective could provide value in the personal finance space and particularly to women.

Annie is an attorney by day (and sometimes night!), an urban dweller, dog owner, and francophile. She is particularly passionate about travel hacking, student loan debt repayment and mental/physical fitness. She writes under a pen name so she can talk about ALL the life and money drama!

Kat Robinson

Marketing Leader|@katrobinson1

Kat Robinson leads the commercial Windows 10 and Office 365 global integrated marketing campaigns at Microsoft. In her role, she’s responsible for the strategic planning and execution of Microsoft’s customer engagement programs worldwide, focused on driving product adoption and usage in enterprise organizations.

Prior to her role at Microsoft, Kat led the strategic planning and marketing analytics team at Vertical Measures, a marketing agency in Phoenix, AZ, where she oversaw digital marketing strategy and execution for the agency’s biggest clients, like Microsoft, Bridgestone, and UPS. Early in her career, Kat was part of the startup world and worked for both seed and venture capital funded companies.

As a leader, Kat empowers others to achieve excellence and strongly believes in a growth mindset. She strives to lead with empathy, inclusivity, and courage.

Kat is also a Master of Science candidate in the Learning and Organizational Change program at Northwestern University. She currently lives in Bellevue, WA with her husband Cristian, and their two fluffy Maltese dogs, Toby and Oliver.

Kat’s preferred pronouns are she/her.

Kadie Smith

Branding + Design Expert|@dropcapdesign

Kadie Smith is the art director and the founder of Drop Cap Design, as well as creator of the program Enneagram for Entrepreneurs. She is a design blogger and brand strategist for small business owners, and uses the Enneagram model as a tool for discovery and meaningful conversation during the branding process with her clients.

Angela S. Taylor

Executive/Business Coach|@noyauwellness

Angela S. Taylor is Co-Founder of Noyau Wellness Center, Senior Therapist, and Executive/Business Coach. Angela works with various mental health issues including depression, anxiety and women’s issues such as body image and self esteem. Additionally she is an experienced executive business coach who works with clients to achieve success in their careers and personal life. Angela believes everyone has the ability to reach complete happiness and ultimate achievement and helps her clients see and reach this level in their own lives.

Claire Wasserman

Entrepreneur and Negotiation Expert|@clairewassermanxo

Claire Wasserman is the founder of Ladies Get Paid, a career development organization that helps women negotiate for pay and power at work. In less than three years, the community has grown to more than 30,000 women from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. You can join their online network at

Chosen as one of Bumble’s 100 Most Inspiring New Yorkers, Claire is a frequent speaker and instructor, presenting at places like the New York Times, Watermark, and USC Business School. She has also partnered with the city of Los Angeles as part of their women in STEM initiative.

Last year, Claire traveled the country hosting town halls for thousands of women to talk about money, work, and self-worth. She's currently writing a book (entitled Ladies Get Paid of course!) be published in 2020 by Simon & Schuster.