Episode 12

I just always feel like an advocate for the artists. Every time you give a tour, every time you speak publicly, I'm advocating for that artist or for that show.

Episode 11

We're creating spaces where women of color and their allies can be in the same space to build solutions.

Episode 10

Don't be just another girl in the car.

Episode 9

Learn to be okay with the unknown. There's beauty in the discovery.

Episode 8

Show up and know that you deserve to be there.

Episode 7

Keep it about the work, not the recognition.

Episode 6

Resiliency happens from being knocked down and picking yourself back up.

Episode 5

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something.

Episode 4

Happiness is not a constant but peace can be.

Episode 3

To succeed, jump at opportunities as quickly as you would jump at conclusions.

Episode 2

Design your own life. Don't design someone else's.

Episode 1