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Challenging Negative Self Talk

I sat down with Angie Wisdom, a Life and Business Coach based in LA, to discuss her work on the Fierce Lab podcast. She is helping women uncover their core values and how we can use them to silence our inner critic. Angie says our work can begin by creating a Personal Success Playbook.The playbook should contain answers to questions such as, "what do you believe and what do you stand for," as well as "what's holding you back." She also gives tips for starting your day with intention and shares her Morning Mindset Routine. You can download a copy of the worksheet here.

One of Angie's guiding principles is belief is the gateway to success and she offers steps for creating more positivity in our lives. Angie says one way to challenge negative self talk is through focusing on our core values. She urges us to follow a four-step process for creating this change and even uses my own challenges as an example to illustrate the effectiveness. I encourage you to use Angie's Value Assessment worksheet here to begin identifying what you deem most essential in your life. Angies says these values, "fill you up and give you energy."

If you're looking to evolve and challenge negative self-talk, download Episode 27 of the Fierce Lab podcast to hear more of our conversation. To learn more about Angie and her work, visits her website,